Hi, I’m Dominik.

No idea how you ended up here, but … welcome!

I’m a generalist, a jack-of-all-trades. I do a lot of things well, but am no expert in any single one of them - except for all things international.

This publication will cover varying topics, with a focus on:

  • International Expansion of startups

  • Productivity & time management

  • Physical fitness and health

  • Becoming the most effective person you can be

Who should subscribe?

You should subscribe if:

  • you want to become a more effective person, both in your private and professional life

  • you’re an ambitious amateur athlete who wants to take his game to the next level

  • you’re somehow involved in international growth in startups

Now, I understand this is a broad audience. I understand I’m breaking the law of focusing on one target group only. Likely not all posts will appeal to you. That’s perfectly fine.

There’s a good reason for this publication to exist, though:

In entrepreneurship, it’s generally considered a good idea to build a company that “scratches your own itch”. I’ve been looking for a publication like this one, couldn’t find it, and enjoy writing anyway. So I started my own.

Now would be a good time to subscribe. 🤝

Who should NOT subscribe?

If the above three bullets do not apply to you, this publication might not be for you. Check out the archive, and see whether you like it before subscribing. There’s no harm in that.

I would much prefer a small community of active readers than a large community of people who just delete my emails.

Here are a few of my articles so far:

Who are you, anyway?

I’m Dominik, 29, based in Berlin, Germany.

In my day job, I run the international business for the EdTech scale-up Sdui. In my free time, I …

  • play Lacrosse for Berliner HC and the German National Team

  • lift weights

  • drink way too many crisp, cold beers

  • learn languages (currently working on Turkish)

  • … and write this publication.

Before joining Sdui, I …

  • co-founded Linguedo, a bootstrapped startup that reinvented language learning and uses this to bring unemployed nurses from across the world to Germany

  • spent time at Entrepreneur First, working on two ideas related to personal training and wearable technology for senior citizens

  • taught people in Rwanda and Sao Paulo how to produce glasses for less than one dollar and how to build a business around it

Head over to my LinkedIn to learn more.

Enough about me. Let’s get started.

This will be fun.

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Entrepreneur & Athlete | Head of International at Sdui | Team Deutschland